Perfect Hydration

It's Not Just Better, It's Perfect!

We researched, refined, developed, tested and combined the best qualities and technologies of water products around the globe to create a water better than any other drinking water on earth, a water that is.. well, Perfect!

Enjoy it daily and experience all the ways Perfect. Empowered Drinking Water can quench your thirst, enhance your lifestyle and benefit your body - the world's most advanced machine.

Everything Else is Less
       than Perfect!
15-Step proprietary purification process.
Enhanced with electrolytes and essential minerals, including potassium.
Microstructured with our proprietary technology.
Oxygen Rich
Empowered with MBO™,
a proprietary process.
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Our water is so Perfect that it's not available in your local grocery store, or even in high-end retail shops. Perfect Empowered Drinking Water is available through Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs). For more information about ordering or becoming an IBO contact the person who introduced you to Perfect Empowered Drinking Water.